About me

What’s up everyone!  I love freaking planes!  I love big ones, small ones, grey ones, blue ones, commercial planes, fighter jets, and everything in between!  I know that sounded a bit corny and Dr. Seuss-ish, but whatever.

I grew up in an Air Force town and have forever loved flying and planes.  While I don’t fly myself, I’m fascinated with the physics involved in just about every aspect of flying.  When flying commercially I’ve figured out what all the sounds are and why they happen…. While I do love flying, I do get uneasy sometimes so I
think understanding all the sounds has helped lessen that uneasy feeling.

f-15e_aircraft_over_iraqWe live close to an airport where they have an annual air show and we’re fortunate enough to live close enough to sit in our backyard and enjoy the show.  Love seeing the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels as well as the honor flights when they fly the newest jets along side the jets of yesteryear.  It’s a great illustration of how far technology and engineering has come in a fairly short amount of time…. to see a WWII era jet flying alongside the newest stealth fighter is an amazing sight.

I’ll be posting a few articles about maybe what those sounds are in a commercial flight, turbulence, fighter jets, what some of the markings on runways are, and maybe a few travel tips.